Prepositional Phrases
Prepositional Phrase Definition
A prepositional phrase is a grouping of words that begins with a preposition and ends with the object of that preposition. The phrase also contains any words between the preposition and its object, such as articles and adjectives.
‍Example of a Prepositional Phrase

Some examples of prepositional phrases would be the following:

The soccer player swiftly kicked the ball into the net.

(“into” = preposition; “net” = object of preposition; “into the net” = prepositional phrase)

Cecil collected his notes and briefcase after the board meeting.

(“after” = preposition; “meeting” = object of preposition; “after the board meeting” = prepositional phrase)

Hannah parked her car behind the restaurant.

(“behind” = preposition; “restaurant” = object of preposition; “behind the restaurant” = prepositional phrase)

Virginia’s birthday presents are being delivered to her parents’ house.

(“to” = preposition; “house” = object of preposition; “to her parents’ house” = prepositional phrase)

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