What is a Preposition?

preposition is a word that indicates the relationship of an object in time, space, or logic to another word(s) in the sentence.

Examples of Prepositions

Some examples of prepositions would be the following:

Laura put the dishes in the sink.

Denise drove carefully around the pothole.

Kai is sitting beside Josh on the plane.

She leaned her backpack against her locker.

He hid the cookies on top of the refrigerator.

My project is not due until Friday.

Mehmet walked his dog in spite of the rain.

Prepositions in Context

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Why You Should Use Prepositions in Your Writing

Prepositions occur fairly naturally in your writing; you don’t really think about them. However, when you do think about how, why, and when you can use them to enhance your writing, you will most likely improve the clarity of your writing as well as its descriptive nature.

Because prepositions tell us the relationship between two items, we can provide our readers with additional detail and clarity.

Without a Preposition: Please hand me the book.
With a Preposition: Please hand me the book from Shante’s book bag.

In the first sentence, we don’t exactly know which book is being requested, but when we use the preposition “from” in our second sentence, we are clarifying that we would like the book from Shante’s book bag which is much more precise.

Use prepositions when you can to improve the detail and clarity of your writing!

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