Verb Phrases with Interrupters

A verb phrase can be interrupted by an adverb that describes the state of the verb without being part of the verb or verb phrase.

Examples of Verb Phrases with Interrupters

Some examples of verb phrases with interrupters would be the following:

Sean has rarely completed his homework. (“has completed” = verb phrase; “rarely” = interrupter)

She was ferociously eating her sandwich. (“was eating” = verb phrase; “ferociously” = interrupter)

Wendy did not contribute to the group project. (“did contribute” = verb phrase; “not” = interrupter)

Tony could have easily taken the advanced algebra class. (“could have taken” = verb phrase; “easily” = interrupter)

He should have immediately removed the pan from the stove. (“should have removed” = verb phrase; “immediately” = interrupter)

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