Prepositional Phrases Functioning as Adverb

When a prepositional phrase describes a verb, an adjective, or an adverb, then the prepositional phrase is functioning as an adverb.

Examples of Prepositional Phrases Functioning as Adverbs

Some examples of prepositional phrases functioning as adverb phrases would be the following:

Ross rode his brand new bicycle across the bridge. (“rode” = verb being described; “across” = preposition; “across the bridge” = adverb phrase)

Beatrice memorized the vocabulary words before the quiz. (“memorized” = verb being described; “before” = preposition; “before the quiz” = adverb phrase)

Our class filed out of the school building when the fire alarm rang. (“filed” = verb being described; “out” = preposition; “out of the school building” = adverb phrase)

With extreme caution, Jonathan pulled into the narrow parking space. (“pulled” = verb being described; “with” = preposition; “with extreme caution” = adverb phrase)

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