Personal Pronouns and Antecedents

A personal pronoun is a word that takes the place of a defined person or thing. The “antecedent” is simply the defined person or thing to which the pronoun is being referred.

Personal Pronoun and Antecedent Examples

Examples of a Personal Pronoun and Antecedent

Some examples of personal pronouns and antecedents would be the following:

Peter was a strong man; he could lift hundreds of pounds with ease.
(Notice the personal pronoun “he” with its antecedent “Peter.”)

The Baxter and Shante traveled to the city in the winter; they loved to see the holiday lights.
(Notice the personal pronoun “they” with its antecedents “Baxter” and “Shante.”)

My parents always take good care of me.
(Notice the personal pronoun “me.”  In this case, the antecedent is the speaker of this sentence.)

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