Misplaced Modifiers (Words and Phrases)

A modifier is a word, phrase, or clause that changes or “modifies” the meaning of something in a sentence. When a modifier is placed incorrectly in a sentence and modifies the wrong object, we call it a misplaced modifier.

Examples of Misplaced Modifiers

Some examples of misplaced modifiers would be the following:

Jamie built a sand castle with her sister covered in seashells. (sister = covered in seashells)

Correction: Jamie built a sand castle covered in seashells with her sister. (sand castle = covered in seashells)

Waiting impatiently, the line Cody was standing in trailed around the block. (line = waiting impatiently)

Correction: Cody, waiting impatiently, was standing in a line that trailed around the block. (Cody = waiting impatiently)

Kathy brought a donut to her teacher from the café. (teacher = from the café)

Correction: Kathy brought a donut from the café to her teacher. (donut = from the café)

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