Hard-to-Find Subjects with ‘Here’ and ‘There’

In sentences that begin with the words ‘here’ and ‘there,’ it can be difficult to find the subject of the sentence. ‘Here’ and ‘there’ are adverbs and can never be subjects. To find the subject of these sentences, simply rearrange the words so that the verb of the sentence comes before the word ‘here’ or ‘there.’

Examples of Sentences Beginning with ‘Here’ and ‘There’

Some examples of sentences beginning with ‘here’ or ‘there’ are the following:


Here are the fuzzy socks that I wear when it’s cold.

The fuzzy socks that I wear when it’s cold are here. (subject = socks)

Here is that water bottle that you left at my house.

That water bottle that you left at my house is here. (subject = bottle)

Here comes the school bus.

The school bus comes here. (subject = bus)


There is Hazel’s brand new bicycle.

Hazel’s brand new bicycle is there. (subject = bicycle)

There are lots of great superhero movies coming out this summer.

Lots of great superhero movies coming out this summer are there. (subject = movies)

There was lots of snow on the ground this morning.

Lots of snow on the ground this morning was there. (subject = snow)

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