8 out of 10 students show improvement with GrammarFlip
Approximately 80% of students using GrammarFlip show an average improvement rate of 183% from their baseline diagnostic score to their final post-evaluation assessment.
The results are in: Teachers say that GrammarFlip gets results (read our teacher testimonials), and guess what – it does!  A recent data study confirms that approximately 80% of students using GrammarFlip show an average improvement rate of 183% from their baseline pre-test scores to their final post-evaluation assessments.  There’s definitely something to be said for learning at one’s own pace with instructional videos and receiving instant feedback through practice exercises and writing activities.
Our Story
As told by Anthony Risko, GrammarFlip's Founder & CEO
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How did GrammarFlip start?

GrammarFlip began in my classroom. After years of one-size-fits-all classroom instruction, I discovered that “teaching to the middle” just wasn’t cutting it.  Sure – a third of my class was learning the material on pace, but another third continued to struggle while the other third of the class was bored to tears because they already knew the material we were covering. I quickly learned that I could provide each of my students a higher-quality learning experience by “flipping” the grammar and writing component of my curriculum.

Flipping my instruction meant students watched instructional video lessons for homework at their own pace, and then they completed my practice exercises online to assess their understanding.  Viewing their results, I immediately knew which students “got it” and which ones didn’t based upon the results of their practice exercises.

When they arrived to class the next day, we engaged in fun writing activities I provided so that they could apply the concepts they had just learned, and because I already knew which students to focus on, it allowed me to work with those students who needed help while allowing other students to work ahead or move on to independent projects.

While it took a significant amount of effort to create the instructional components, I realized that by providing my students with all of these connected resources, it resulted in more tailored instruction to the students who needed it, and at the same time, I was able to challenge faster learners to move on to the next activity.  Everyone in my classroom remained engaged!

Today, my goal is to help other teachers reach those struggling students while continuing to challenge all learners in the class. As an English/Language Arts teacher, I know how thinly stretched we are, and my hope is to help other teachers save valuable time both inside and outside the classroom with GrammarFlip as a component of their curriculum.  I hope you’ll join us!

— Anthony Risko

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