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GrammarFlip is used by teachers and students in the US and abroad. See what teachers like about GrammarFlip here and how they’re using it in their classrooms.
Amy Champion
Timberland Regional Middle School,
Plaistow, NH
Amy is a middle school Language Arts teacher who uses GrammarFlip every day in a station-rotation workshop model. She loves that GrammarFlip allows her students to independently practice their grammar in a way that's fun and enjoyable for them.
“GrammarFlip has been a great addition to our weekly bell ringers. The lessons are direct and last the perfect amount of time. I love seeing my students get excited about grammar!”

Amanda Cook,
Decatur Middle School, Indiana
“GrammarFlip is a fantastic way for students to learn, re-learn, or brush up on their grammar skills.  My high school students have commented that it helped them improve their performance on the grammar portion of this year’s state test.”

Lynn Owens,
The Woodlands High School, Texas
“My students and I liked that GrammarFlip gave them the chance to work at their own pace on their individual areas of need. The ability to differentiate was my favorite feature.”

Karen Laub,
Boyertown Middle School East, Pennsylvania
“My students LOVE GrammarFlip. They think the exercises are fun and engaging. It makes them feel successful with grammar, and the writing exercises are great for application of what they are learning.”

Susan Stubbs,
Elizabeth Davis Middle School, Virginia
“I love that GrammarFlip allows my students not only to refresh their knowledge of grammar concepts I’ve covered in class, but also put that knowledge to the test. The quizzes are very accessible for beginner ELLs.”

Sarah Case,
Mount Pleasant High School, Michigan
“I have seen students who struggle with writing finally be able to write complete, thoughtful sentences.”

Cathy Gilbert,
Cabarrus County Charter School,
North Carolina
Sharon Tupa
Souther Door HS, Brussells, WI
Sharon loves that GrammarFlip is an individualized program that allows her students to work through lessons and practice exercises at their own pace.
“My students are loving GrammarFlip. They like that they decide on the pace. They like being able to review the rules via the slides. I like that the videos are short and that the quiz and writing activities are already created. I think it is great prep work for our standardized testing–way more fun than worksheets. I’ve shared GrammarFlip with my teammates and they all like it, too!”

Karen Moulton,
Taipei American School, Taiwan
“My community college freshmen–most of them older, non-traditional students–appreciate GrammarFlip being so straight-forward and easy to use. We tried another program, but the company had included too much gamification (I guess trying to make it engaging for a younger audience). My working, family-supporting adult students said they wanted something that could give them a quick review and some real help. GrammarFlip was a hit.”

Renee Moore,
Mississippi Delta Community College, Mississippi
“Grammarflip has been a very useful resource for our RTI students to practice remedial skills. They enjoy working at their own pace, and I especially like the fact that I can monitor their progress. It is also a very helpful review tool. The video explanations are very clear and use student-friendly language. I have been very pleased with this program.”

Robbie Lewis,
Lincolnville Central School, Maine
“I love GrammarFlip! The videos are engaging, and the right length to both educate and keep interest. My students have noticed a difference in their writing, and I’ve noticed a difference in their skills. 10/10 would recommend!”

Emily Hintze,
North Scott Senior High School, Iowa
“My students appreciate learning on their own time, and they appreciate the succinctness of the lessons.”

Gabe Judah,
Hood River Valley High School, Oregon
“I teach Social Studies but find that my students’ writing is filled with atrocious grammar mistakes. These quick and easy lessons provide short (and necessary) reminders, with immediate feedback, about the basic rules of writing.”

Sean Allison,
St. Charles Catholic School, New Mexico
Jeremy Hyler
Fulton Middle School, Middleton, MI
Jeremy has used GrammarFlip for two and a half years now, and it has saved him countless hours of planning since he has an immediate resource of instructional videos and activities that he can pass on to his students.
“The whole idea of flipping my classroom this year with two ELA sections was made so much easier with my students’ use of GrammarFlip. Kids enjoy not hearing my voice all day!”

Dean Meyer,
Laingsburg Elementary School, Michigan
“I love that it’s something that can be done in addition to our district provided curriculum. It truly is a great example of flipping a classroom!”

Michael Starnes,
Hannah Beardsley Middle, Illinois
“My students enjoy using GrammarFlip and working at a pace which suits them. I love having the time to work with those who need extra support and encouraging others to continue to the next lesson with confidence.”

Dawn Mueller,
St. Lorenz Lutheran School, Michigan
“I like the quick feedback in assessing my students. They like the short but informative videos.”

Jennifer Carr,
Bethesda Christian, North Carolina
“I love the idea of GrammarFlip. It has made getting through grammar lessons much easier. Unfortunately, we are so jammed with everything else we have to teach, grammar takes a backseat. GrammarFlip has allowed me to give my students a grammar foundation without taking too much time out of the classroom.”

Eileen Foulks,
Thompson Middle School, New Jersey
“My students in 3rd to 5th grade love to learn from GrammarFlip. They feel empowered having the background knowledge needed to carry conversations about grammar in the classroom. It is an excellent way to reinforce academic vocabulary.”

Estela Rosales-Harrigan,
Bernard J. Ward Elementary, Illinois
Karyn Jones
Mountain Home Jr. HS,
Mountain Home, AR
Karyn loves GrammarFlip so much that she has shared it with all of her colleagues!  She uses it to pre-assess and post-assess her students so that she can have a crystal clear picture of each student’s progress and individual needs.
“My high school class is comprised of students from a variety of non-English speaking countries. Not only are they ELL students, most are profoundly deaf. American Sign Language and English is their second or third language. Their struggle to learn English impacts their reading comprehension, writing ability and expressive and receptive language. My lessons need to be clear and concise. The power points and videos on GrammarFlip have helped my students to see the relationship of the words and help them develop their language skills. Usually we begin class using the smart board to practice a specific grammatical skill. Then some students prefer to work independently using sentences from GrammarFlip. Some students prefer to remain in our group lesson and work on the skills together. I have noticed that my students enjoy writing now and have improved their confidence. Their sentence structure has expanded and as a result their Lexile levels have improved because they are now willing to take more risks with their reading and comprehension scores have improved.”

Arlene Blum,
Willie Ross School for the Deaf, Massachusetts
Erica Sposa
Northern Valley Regional High School, Old Tappan, NJ
Since Erica teaches high school English to freshmen who come from a variety of schools, she uses GrammarFlip to assess where each student is in his/her current stage of grammar studies so that she can personalize each student's learning.
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