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GrammarFlip is an interactive grammar and writing program designed to individualize student learning while saving time for English teachers.

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Instructional Videos

Concise, yet thorough, video lessons allow students to learn hundreds of grammar and writing concepts at their individual pace.

Practice Exercises

Self-assessing practice exercises provide instant feedback while varied question formats engage multiple learning modalities.

Writing Portals

Engaging writing prompts promote student participation while writing portals provide instant access to student writing for quick feedback.

Progress Reports

Color-coded and downloadable progress reports make it easy for teachers to quickly identify students who need assistance.

What is GrammarFlip?

GrammarFlip is a comprehensive grammar and writing program for upper-elementary school, middle school, and high school teachers that can be used with their students in a traditional classroom, a blended learning environment, or in a flipped classroom setting. Our self-paced curriculum provides a unique sequence of instructional video lessons, diagnostic assessments, self-assessing practice exercises, and engaging writing application activities whereby students may work independently or as a class within a teacher-led classroom.

How Does GrammarFlip Work?

At their own pace, students learn grammar concepts via instructional video lessons from home or at school followed by a series of self-assessing practice exercises. Color-coded progress reports signal to teachers how individual students performed so that when students are ready to apply the grammar concepts to their writing, the teacher is prepared to assist those students with immediate needs. Real-time writing portals allow teachers to provide 1-click feedback or more detailed comments to assist student writers.

What Do Teachers Have to Say About GrammarFlip?

“Grammarflip has been a very useful resource for our RTI students to practice remedial skills. They enjoy working at their own pace, and I especially like the fact that I can monitor their progress. It is also a very helpful review tool. The video explanations are very clear and use student-friendly language. I have been very pleased with this program.”

-Robbie Lewis, Lincolnville Central School, Maine

"My students LOVE GrammarFlip. They think the exercises are fun and engaging. It makes them feel successful with grammar, and the writing exercises are great for application of what they are learning."

-Susan Stubbs, Elizabeth Davis Middle School, Virginia

“I love the idea of GrammarFlip. It has made getting through grammar lessons much easier. Unfortunately, we are so jammed with everything else we have to teach, grammar takes a backseat. GrammarFlip has allowed me to give my students a grammar foundation without taking too much time out of the classroom.”

-Eileen Foulks, Thompson Middle School, New Jersey

“I love that it’s something that can be done in addition to our district provided curriculum. It truly is a great example of flipping a classroom!”

-Michael Starnes, Hannah Beardsley Middle, Illinois

"GrammarFlip is a fantastic way for students to learn, re-learn, or brush up on their grammar skills. My high school students have commented that it helped them improve their performance on the grammar portion of this year’s state test."

-Lynn Owens, The Woodlands High School, Texas

“I love GrammarFlip! The videos are engaging, and the right length to both educate and keep interest. My students have noticed a difference in their writing, and I’ve noticed a difference in their skills. 10/10 would recommend!”

-Emily Hintze, North Scott Senior High School, Iowa

"My students enjoy using GrammarFlip and working at a pace which suits them. I love having the time to work with those who need extra support and encouraging others to continue to the next lesson with confidence."

-Dawn Mueller, St. Lorenz Lutheran School, Michigan

How GrammarFlip Will Benefit Your Clasroom:

  • Diagnose and assess each student’s learning needs
  • Address different learning styles with multiple modalities
  • Focus attention on students who need assistance
  • Empower your students as authentic writers and editors
  • Reclaim valuable time spent planning and grading

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