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Teaching Figurative Language
Understanding Figurative Language
Figurative language can be one of the best literary tools for students to add some fun and variety to their writing. It can be used to enhance the description of almost anything, whether they’re writing about a person, place, thing, event, or feeling.  But if used incorrectly or excessively, figurative … Read more
Quizalize and GrammarFlip
GrammarFlip Releases Review Games and Quizzes on Quizalize!
GrammarFlip is delighted to announce a partnership with Quizalize, the formative assessment quiz platform that gives teachers superpowers! With over one million ready-made quizzes – and now one hundred from GrammarFlip included on the platform – Quizalize allows teachers to supercharge their teaching, increasing attainment levels in the process. Whether … Read more
Why Grammar is Important
5 Reasons I Can Tell My Students Why Grammar is Important to Learn
Every teacher has heard the excuse and it gets louder with each year – “We don’t need grammar practice anymore, we have insert new technology that autocorrects all spelling and grammar issues in a flash.” Regardless of whatever technology students have available to them, understanding grammar and how to effectively apply … Read more
Benefits of flipping grammar instruction
8 Benefits of a Blended or Flipped Classroom for English/Language Arts Teachers
Blended or flipped classrooms exist to challenge the paradigm that a teacher is the holder of all knowledge and best dispels that knowledge to students through lecture or direct in-person instruction. In a blended or flipped classroom, teachers leverage technology, independent practice time, and group discovery activities which allow students … Read more
How to Fund an Edtech Subscription
Find Funding for your Curriculum Materials or Online Edtech Subscriptions
Finding money within a school’s budget to purchase curriculum materials or an online subscription to an educational product can be challenging since funds are not always available.  Fortunately, we have several suggestions based on other teachers’ successes of how they have found funding for their curriculum and software purchases, and … Read more
using sentence variety in your writing
The Importance of Using Sentence Variety in Writing (and Mini-Lesson on How to Implement This in Your English/Language Arts Class)
Using sentence variety is an essential aspect of effective writing. It involves incorporating different sentence structures and lengths to create a more engaging and interesting piece of writing. Without sentence variety, writing can become monotonous and boring which causes readers to lose interest and engagement. In contrast, a writer who … Read more
online grammar program
How to Implement an Online Learning Program in your English/Language Arts Classroom
Implementing an online learning program in your English/Language Arts classroom can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and preparation, it can be a highly successful and rewarding experience for both you and your students. Here are some important steps to consider: Establish Clear Goals and Objectives:  Before you … Read more
how to keep your students engaged
7 Best Practices for Keeping Your English/Language Arts Students Engaged
Personalization.  Every student needs to have his or her individual needs met, and the burden of this incredibly challenging task is upon…you guessed it – the teachers.  But it’s not as hard as it really sounds.  Ask yourself a question: How well do I really know this student both as … Read more
Why English Class is So Important
7 Reasons I Can Tell My Students Why English/Language Arts Class is Important
Yes – you’re out there on the front lines, defending yourself and your job from all sides.  No – not from your administration.  No – not from Chat-GPT.  From your students!   Be sure to share these 7 reasons why your English/Language Arts class is so important to your students (other … Read more
How to Make Grammar Memorable
6 Ways to Make Grammar Memorable for Your Students
Making a grammar lesson stand out to students can be challenging, but here are some easy ways to make your lessons more engaging and memorable: Use Real-Life Examples: Use examples from everyday life or from popular culture to show students how grammar is used (…or not used) properly to reinforce … Read more
Writing with Diction
The Elements of Voice in Writing Article #1: Diction
One element of writing that sets apart the good writers from the great writers is voice. Voice is moreso an art, not simply a skill to be taught and learned. Voice develops over time, voice can be refined, and voice can even change as an author changes. Voice may even be … Read more
Using syntax in writing
The Elements of Voice in Writing Article #2: Syntax
In this series, we are exploring the concept of voice in writing. Voice is a complex art that many writers develop over time. However, teachers in middle school can start teaching voice by focusing on the five elements: diction, syntax, tone, imagery and detail. In this second installment of the voice series, … Read more