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GrammarFlip Releases Review Games and Quizzes on Quizalize!
Anthony Risko
September 9, 2022

GrammarFlip is delighted to announce a partnership with Quizalize, the formative assessment quiz platform that gives teachers superpowers! With over one million ready-made quizzes - and now one hundred from GrammarFlip included on the platform - Quizalize allows teachers to supercharge their teaching, increasing attainment levels in the process. Whether you are teaching face-to-face or remotely, Quizalize is guaranteed to engage your students!

Quizalize provides your students with fun, standards-tagged quizzes where teachers receive instant and rich data on student mastery, can automatically assign follow-up activities, and personalize their teaching to every student.

Quizalize Games launched in August 2022 and provides teachers with a unique tool to power-up student engagement in the classroom. A catalogue of epic games - from tomato throwing Bearzz to a Cosmic Koala journeying around the Cosmos - increase student interest and engagement in class, in turn increasing attainment levels in the process!

Watch the epic Quizalize Games trailer here and start getting excited about playing The Games in your classroom today!

Interested in how Quizalize works to keep students engaged and provides data for teachers on student mastery?  Check out this short video from our friends at Quizalize!

We have put together over 100 GrammarFlip quizzes and review games for teachers to use in their classrooms to help with their grammar and writing instruction! We hope you enjoy these resources and that you and your students love the Quizalize approach to learning and reviewing grammar!

Last but not least, our friends at Quizalize have a special gift just for you!  Follow this link to receive one month's FREE Quizalize Premium membership.


Don’t have a Quizalize account yet? Don’t stress - you can set one up in less than 60 seconds, for FREE! Click here to sign up for Quizalize! 

Happy Quizalizing!

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