GrammarFlip is a self-paced, instructional program that provides a unique sequence of over 60 instructional video lessons, self-assessing practice exercises, and engaging writing application activities.  GrammarFlip suggests a unique progression and sequencing of lessons such that topics are not learned in isolation from one another.  Interweaving lessons on parts of speech with how they function as parts of a sentence help solidify learning, while applying mechanics and usage lessons in the construction of sentences helps to strengthen retention among students.

At their own pace, students can watch instructional video lessons from home or at school, which gives them the ability to pause and review sections that remain unclear to them.  Students then move on to a series of self-assessing practice exercises which provide instant feedback to reinforce their learning.  To demonstrate mastery of what they have learned, students finally engage in fun, interactive writing activities to apply the concepts studied.  Competitive and collaborative review games, as well as virtual badges, round out the student learning experience.

Through a reporting feature, teachers can quickly assess how students performed on their practice exercises in order to identify which students need further assistance.  Teachers can then easily troubleshoot the needs of those individual students while allowing quicker learners to move forward in their learning.

Teachers may use the suggested GrammarFlip sequence with their curriculum, or they may adapt the individual lessons to fit their classroom.

Teacher Benefits

Increases time in the classroom

Prevents boring lectures and teaching to the middle

Targets individual student learning needs

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Student Benefits

Improves student responsibility

Reinforces independent learning

Provides flexibility of learning styles

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Features of GrammarFlip

Concise yet thorough tutorials maximize student engagement and attention.

Self-pacing videos allow for pause and playback at any time.

Varied question formats engage different learning modalities.

Formative and summative feedback aids the entire learning process.

Virtual badges awarded upon successful milestones to instill confidence and provide encouragement.

At-a-glance, detailed reporting assists teacher in spotting trouble areas.

Applicable writing activities allow students to demonstrate mastery of material learned.

Fun and humorous writing topics engage student participation in the classroom.

Responsive design can be used with any internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile device.


Instructional Videos and Slideshows


Practice Exercises with Instant Feedback


Writing Application Activities