Commonly Confused Pairs Grammar Video Lesson

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Commonly Confused Pairs Definition

Some pairs of words may not be exact homophones but are still easily mixed up if they have similar pronunciations, spellings, and/or meanings.

Examples of Commonly Confused Pairs

While the list of confused pairs of words is extensive, some examples of commonly confused pairs would be the following:

Between, Among
Have you decided between the brownie sundae and the banana split?
There must be enough change among the three of us to get soda from the vending machine.

Lay, Lie
You can lay your finished tests on the teacher’s desk when you finish.
I’m going to lie down in my bed and take a nap.

Than, Then
I have more homework to do this weekend than Dorothy does.
Stir the pancake batter, then pour it into the pan.

Farther, Further
There are fewer restaurants the farther you go from the center of town.
Because I am a fast reader, I am further along in the book than Jane is.

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