Commas: Items in a Series Video Lesson

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Commas: Items in a Series Rule

Commas should be used when three or more items in a series are listed.  A comma should be placed between each of the three items (it is also acceptable to leave out the comma between the second-to-last item and the last item in the series).  Items in the series may consist of a word, clause, or phrase.

Commas in a Series Examples

Sherry, Steven, and Dez decided to meet for pizza after classes.
(Example of commas used with words in a series.)

Ally enjoys competing in races, traveling around the world, and eating unique cuisine.
(Example of commas used with phrases in a series.)

I ate a sandwich, Jessica drank a smoothie, and Felix munched on a granola bar.
(Example of commas used with clauses in a series.)

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